Why Is Affiliate Marketing Important?


Affiliate marketing is a different but an efficient way to help the business grow. Many online companies, brands, and businesses have made huge profits by incorporating affiliate marketing strategies for their growth. There are many affiliate marketing companies who offer the best solutions to drive the traffic, sales and eventually the growth of the business.

Some advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs have always been cost-effective; the payments are only made after the affiliate sees the need for it. It is a mutual benefit program (in case only two parties collaborate) and so is convenient.

Your brand’s visibility increases in leaps and brands with the help of this method. It’s true that there are many brand activation agencies that promise the best brand exposure. The low budget or small business companies prefer affiliate marketing. This is because there is a much greater cost involved in hiring brand activation agencies in comparison to affiliate marketing.

Another important thing is the transparency in the realm of affiliate marketing. There is no chance of fraudulent method in this strategy. The results are visible and it cannot be altered in any way. You can easily track the increase and can then pay your affiliate according to his/her demand.

It is the fastest ways to gain brand exposure. The other methods like tours, organising events and other promotions needs lots of planning and therefore consume substantial time. But in affiliate marketing, one just has to collaborate with the agency and the work begins with that very second.


Why Is It Profitable To Involve Event Managers?

Most people think that the colleagues or company employees are fully capable of managing the company’s events. However, it is a big misconception. The work that is done by people who are especially skilled in managing events cannot be done by anyone else. These people are provided by event management companies. It is necessary to involve event management workers for managing your events.

This is more important when a platform is carrying or organizing a big event. The reasons or you can say the advantages that an event managing platform provides are given below.

1)    Time Management Skills

Good event management agency trains its staff very well in time management skills. The staff here makes the time-table of your event in such a manner that your event finishes by the time you want it. This also saves cost.

2)    Expertise Work

The more experienced the event planning agency is the better service they provide. Experiential event agency has the experience across various fields in the industry. This is why they are very well equipped to tackle unforeseen problems like last minute addition of some program in an event, backup from power cuts etc.

3)    Professional Work

As event management staffs that are provided by event management companies are professional, the type of service they provide cannot be matched by any other. Be it the sound setting or technical work, these staffs carry the work with finesse. They are the ones who have thoroughly studied event management and even hold degrees in this subject.

Benefits Of Hiring An Experiential Marketing Agency


Social and digital media has made it easier for many. I’d rather say that technology has made it easier for companies to market their products in different ways. Though there are so many ways to suffice the marketing tactics they lack connection and interaction with the consumer. This leaves a negative impression on the consumers. But if the marketing tactics are strong enough to leave a lasting impression on the consumers or public, this would be a Win-Win situation for the company/brand.

Thus experiential marketing is a strategy that engages the consumer and creates an everlasting or real-life experience on them that will be remembered for long. If the consumer is able to recall any marketing for any XYZ company that had happened a year ago, for such marketing you’d say that it was an everlasting strategy. To get you brands noticed in this manner, you’d need to ask the experiential marketing agencies to do their bit.

Marketing tours

Think about how many advertisements or road shows you still remember or how many time have you surfed the internet and you came across something really exciting? The billboards you see while you’re driving, you cannot obviously recall each and everything that you saw a month ago. This is the lack of marketing strategy or marketing tour. When there are experiential marketing tours taking place, you would experience that what you notice will leave an everlasting impact on your mind for any particular brand.

These companies can do any possible thing to make your brand stand out in the public or get noticed. These are the integrated marketing solutions that will help your company/brand or the product get proper visibility.

Increase and boost the digital market of the nation with us


Cinetransformers have come a long way from “affiliate marketing strategies” to “brand activation agencies”. This has all been done just to increase and boost the digital market of the nation. Various marketing tools are being used to boost the online marketing. The platform is gradually changing the style and is coming a long way towards the digitalization. Such are the agencies and companies mushrooming for online marketing and are using new strategies boost up the sales and business.

Cinetransformers have launched “mobile marketing tours” and mobile marketing vans to promote the business. This is a new form of marketing strategy that is being used these days by most of the upcoming companies and marketing agencies. Mobile movie theaters in the moving cab or van are one of the most popular marketing strategies to promote business in many ways. This is gaining popularity on a very large scale. And when you are searching for any product, this is your ticket to know about its feedback and reviews. You probably have to attend all these trade shows to know or gain knowledge about the product that you are going to get. And this is done vice versa. Which means that if you are going to sell your products you probably have to show off your products in these mobile marketing tours, which will spread the word to the masses easily?

Benefits –

  • You can show off your products to the buyers
  • The new form of marketing strategy which is gaining popularity
  • Less time consuming
  • Promotion is always successful
  • Everything has been piloted – from smart cars to smart trucks so why not mobile marketing tours or mobile movie theaters
  • These way clients’ expectations are increased, indeed.

These tours help and offer the customers get engaged in your brand easily and can identify what exactly they want. Now, this is the moment that turns tires towards you directly.

Why You Need Integrated Marketing Solutions

There was once a time when marketing was done either via publicity campaigns or through word of mouth publicity. But today, with the increase in competition, business owners are looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of their clients. It is because of such reasons that integrated marketing solutions are coming to the forefront, as business owners are realizing that just a single-pronged strategy will no longer work.

There are actually several benefits to integrated marketing and the fact that it incorporates several aspects into one is just one of them. Whether you are looking at general advertising or targeted advertisements, whether you want to build your brand or you want to create a completely new image, integrated marketing will have something to it all. While you could consider an event management agency to handle your marketing needs, the fact of the matter is that when you are launching something new, you need a lot more than just event management. You need something who can see the bigger picture and cater to that.

When you hire someone for integrated marketing, you can be sure that they can bring you the kind of media coverage you want for your brand. They will ensure that whatever message you want to be sent out to your target audience, goes out clear and precise. And in case, you really want your product to reach out to your clients in the most creative way possible, your team could always hire mobile movie theaters for you!

How Mobile Marketing Vehicles Can Change Things For Your Company

The products your company has to offer have been around for a long time, but now you have redesigned them and are planning to relaunch them. But you are quite confident that the traditional methods of advertising might not get them the kind of attention they deserve. That is when you hear about mobile marketing tours and how effective they can be. You ask around and you come to know that when planned properly, such methods of marketing actually work really well.

So, you decide that you too are going mobile with your marketing this time and you start asking around about how you can get your product on every street corner. Someone tells you that you need to place kiosks in all the places that it will gather attention. Someone else tells you that you should hire event planning companies who will handle all your requirements and ensure that your product gets the attention that it deserves.

Finally, you get in touch with the right people and they tell you that they can arrange the vehicles for you, in which you can display your range of products and also take it from one place to another. You realise that when you can take your products from place to place, you are able to reach out to a much larger clientele. No longer do you have to wait for clients to come to you, because with mobile marketing vehicles, you can take everything you have to offer, to them, wherever they are!

How You Can Benefit From A Mobile Marketing Tour

Let’s say you are launching a new company and you have a product that you are pretty sure will rock the market. You want your product to reach the masses and while you have money to spend, you are not sure how to go about creating the kind of awareness you want for your brand. This is when someone tells you about a mobile marketing tour and you start to feel that this might be the best choice for you.

You immediately get down to trying to figure out how you can also get a mobile touring unit and you come to know that not everyone dabbles in this area. Fortunately for you, you are able to get in touch with a really good event management agency that tells you that not only can it set the mobile tour for you, but also handle everything else related to the promotion of your product. They tell you that they will organise the mobile vans which will house all your products, they set you up with a mobile theatre, in which you are able to show videos about your product and they also set up mobile platforms, where people indulge in a little direct retail therapy!

However, the biggest benefit you could possibly gain from hiring an event management company would be to get in touch with several affiliate marketing companies, which take your products to avenues you could have not even imagined! Using an affiliate means that you are able to reach out to a larger audience, with half the effort and you gain a lot more ‘partners’.