Why You Need Integrated Marketing Solutions

There was once a time when marketing was done either via publicity campaigns or through word of mouth publicity. But today, with the increase in competition, business owners are looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of their clients. It is because of such reasons that integrated marketing solutions are coming to the forefront, as business owners are realizing that just a single-pronged strategy will no longer work.

There are actually several benefits to integrated marketing and the fact that it incorporates several aspects into one is just one of them. Whether you are looking at general advertising or targeted advertisements, whether you want to build your brand or you want to create a completely new image, integrated marketing will have something to it all. While you could consider an event management agency to handle your marketing needs, the fact of the matter is that when you are launching something new, you need a lot more than just event management. You need something who can see the bigger picture and cater to that.

When you hire someone for integrated marketing, you can be sure that they can bring you the kind of media coverage you want for your brand. They will ensure that whatever message you want to be sent out to your target audience, goes out clear and precise. And in case, you really want your product to reach out to your clients in the most creative way possible, your team could always hire mobile movie theaters for you!


How Mobile Marketing Vehicles Can Change Things For Your Company

The products your company has to offer have been around for a long time, but now you have redesigned them and are planning to relaunch them. But you are quite confident that the traditional methods of advertising might not get them the kind of attention they deserve. That is when you hear about mobile marketing tours and how effective they can be. You ask around and you come to know that when planned properly, such methods of marketing actually work really well.

So, you decide that you too are going mobile with your marketing this time and you start asking around about how you can get your product on every street corner. Someone tells you that you need to place kiosks in all the places that it will gather attention. Someone else tells you that you should hire event planning companies who will handle all your requirements and ensure that your product gets the attention that it deserves.

Finally, you get in touch with the right people and they tell you that they can arrange the vehicles for you, in which you can display your range of products and also take it from one place to another. You realise that when you can take your products from place to place, you are able to reach out to a much larger clientele. No longer do you have to wait for clients to come to you, because with mobile marketing vehicles, you can take everything you have to offer, to them, wherever they are!

How You Can Benefit From A Mobile Marketing Tour

Let’s say you are launching a new company and you have a product that you are pretty sure will rock the market. You want your product to reach the masses and while you have money to spend, you are not sure how to go about creating the kind of awareness you want for your brand. This is when someone tells you about a mobile marketing tour and you start to feel that this might be the best choice for you.

You immediately get down to trying to figure out how you can also get a mobile touring unit and you come to know that not everyone dabbles in this area. Fortunately for you, you are able to get in touch with a really good event management agency that tells you that not only can it set the mobile tour for you, but also handle everything else related to the promotion of your product. They tell you that they will organise the mobile vans which will house all your products, they set you up with a mobile theatre, in which you are able to show videos about your product and they also set up mobile platforms, where people indulge in a little direct retail therapy!

However, the biggest benefit you could possibly gain from hiring an event management company would be to get in touch with several affiliate marketing companies, which take your products to avenues you could have not even imagined! Using an affiliate means that you are able to reach out to a larger audience, with half the effort and you gain a lot more ‘partners’.

Transform your business with expert services from Cinetransformer

Cinetransformer is a unique mobile event and marketing company with an experience of two decades of serving clients. With unique and experiential mobile events, it aims to catch the attention of your target customer group and helps your business reach its true potential. The event management agency uses innovative and customized solutions for the development of a marketing strategy for your business. It caters to various industries and offers mobile marketing tour to build awareness about your brand and to reach out to the market in an interesting and engaging manner. It offers memorable experiences to the audience and creates a buzz about the brand and your business.

Cinetransformer offers integrated marketing solutions that meet the digital marketing standards and ensure that your brand stays at the top. Consumers are attracted towards visual campaigns and experiences that are different from other brands. Keeping this in mind, the skilled team at Cinetransformer helps redefine your business and attract the customers based on the personal experience offered to them. Every marketing campaign is prepared to keep the business in mind and there are customized solutions to meet the specific demands of the clients. The event management agency has successfully arranged events for various brands and helped them build a significant customer base. It offers mobile marketing vehicles which can be quickly installed over a frame on each side of the unit. The team offers various options to the clients based on their budget and marketing requirements.



Increase your profits with Integrated Marketing Solutions

Simply, the initial move towards surveying the extent of a promoting effort is to gauge the achievability of various roads for imparting the USP of the publicized item or administration. The rundown either definitely limits or extends when the statistic to be tended to is brought into the condition. One of the most valuable assets for any business, product, or an individual is their brand. The recognition and value of your business determine the marketing potential. Corporate identity is an essential part of every business. Your business will only be successful if you have customers who remember your companies name and its products and services. Therefore, hiring a company, which provides integrated marketing solutions, is one of the best options for brand building.

An affiliate marketing program involves all the aspects of a marketing, across the entire company. The development of a successful strategic marketing program to commercially market new technology is the biggest challenge. A well-constructed integrated marketing solutions company employs more than one medium of mass communication to reach out to the targeted customers. These marketing solutions use the potential of different media vehicles to take hold of the senses of prospects.

The four integrated marketing solutions that businesses should use to grow their business are:

  • Blog Marketing
  • RSS Feed
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Release

A well-established marketing communication company can provide you with the assistance that you might need. You will also need to submit your website to high traffic search engines, advertising, and marketing portals that you can easily found all over the Internet. A successful marketing campaign is a joint effort between the brand and a mobile marketing company. The focus of a mobile marketing program is to get in front of the right audience. This will help in brand loyalty and give out excellent results.

Why Integrated Marketing Solutions Is Important for Branding?

What is integrated marketing?

First of all, you need to understand the concept of ‘Integrated Marketing’. It is basically a planned marketing communication process primarily intended to bring numerous promotional elements including direct marketing, advertisement, digital marketing, PR and selling into one platform to connect with your target audience and market efficiently. This procedure assists your brand to establish a unique and identifiable image across a multiplicity of networks. When it comes to branding various options available which sometimes makes us confused but integrated marketing solutions is the best solutions of all your problems related to branding.

In this concept, marketers basically integrate numerous components channels into one segment and create effective marketing plan that represent your brand more efficiently in front of your target audience. Even, there are various benefits of considering integrated mobile marketing tours, such as:

Work on cross-channel pattern, interesting mixture of effective communication tools and mass communication channels to spread their message effectively. To enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaign, marketers ensure that all the tools and media to connect with audience must be highly proficient. Under this process marketers consider all the marketing mediums that can affect the success of the campaign.

Further, follow customer oriented approach means whole campaign designed in a way that start and end with consumers. The prime motive of integrated marketing concept is to influence new customers without breaking the chain of old consumers. Thus, Experiential Marketing Agencies always keep the marketing plan around them. In added, also choose the communication channel carefully because it affects the branding campaign.

Mobile Marketing Tours Impel Business Branding

Bearing in mind the fact that marketing innovation is the critical force that propels your business entity in this fierce competition for survival going on the roof, both popular and lesser-known brands look to adopt newer avenues of branding. Not to overemphasize the need to break the monotony of traditional branding practices but the evolution of technology has changed the way the marketing campaigns were run in the past. A growing number of business entities have embraced mobile marketing tours to draw maximum engagement from the prospective and existing customers.

Cinetrasnformer Holds the Answer to your Marketing Needs

Equipped with a lot of turn-key solutions, tailored to meet the specific demands of their clients, companies, like Cinetransformer, have formed an association with several top-of-the-line entities. These companies design and manufacture specialty mobile marketing vehicles, as per the clients’ requirements. Additionally, these vehicles are fitted out with mobile cinema rooms, where motion picture demonstrations are run in multi-dimensions. This leaves the audience intrigued and draws them into exploring more about a particular offering.  This, in turn, ensures higher brand loyalty.

Be Rest Assured of Wider Outreach

Unlike other branding agencies, which set up their wares in a mall or at other such places, the campaigning activities of mobile event planning companies are not limited by space constraints. You just need to wrap the vehicle around with the advertisements, featuring the offerings of a company and brand message. You can move these vehicles around the town to draw the onlookers to it. In this way, partnering up with companies having extensive experience in experiential marketing assures you of wider outreach.